Monday, oh Monday

LieLie is at her first concert. In a club, downtown in the big city, with her peeps and one mom. That mom isn’t me and she has an x on her hand from getting carded and not being 21. My baby got CARDED!! what?! First she lost her last baby tooth and then she went to a bar. I feel like I just hibernated for the winter and then woke up with different, new, big kids.  All I can do is hope and pray that I’m enough, just enough, of a parent to see them to adulthood properly. You never know if you succeeded in raising your kids until it is too late.


In the meantime there is walking to soccer practice in the woods with old Momo. Signs of spring are everywhere. Flowers, baby leaves, bird nests…..even the world’s saddest beach ball had a baby!  Soon the water will be warm enough to wade into the leaf litter and gather up the real litter. Until then I will put on 12 layers of clothes and hope the sun comes out in my mind and the sky.  


In other news, this guy rode right past my house today.  


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