Lordy Lordy

It is 8pm. The kids have been asleep for an hour and I’m already in bed. It was a long yucky day.  Dad went to the ER with a royally smashed finger. Clearly his fingers are not as hard as his head. He’s Ok but he’s right when he said he’s “going to have to cross become a hand model off my bucket list”. Not happening.  

LieLie had a decent day for a girl who stayed up late but she “didn’t even catch an invertebrate””!!” while exploring a pond ecosystem with a net today. Those are hard times. The shimmering dress she bought in Paris and wore to the pond today was remarkably clean however so the day wasn’t a total loss. 

Finn on the other hard was filthy and I made him strip in the laundy room when he got home. That was how I discovered that his whole bum was black. Being a good mother I inquired about it and he said he painted a corn hole game at school black. Which begged the question “without pants?” He said “no, I guess my shorts came up when I used the wet paint as a slide”. That clears things up quite a bit. 

So I’m done in. Goodnight. 

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