Fake it til you make it

I totally installed new floors and hung photos in my rut this winter.   

So one of my many ideas for how to get out of my rut and into the swing of life is to fake it until I make it! That means if it is normal, routine, required stuff then we must do it regardless of obstacles. So that is how I came to be at Finn’s school, barely past the 24 hour antibiotic mark, with strep throat, suffering in my martyrdom for the ‘author and me tea’ today. Finn, who has not been completely well for quite sometime made it thanks to an excedrine migraine pill and an antihistamine. Afterwards we slept for HOURS! But we were there.  If only we had a selfie stick we could have documented it more nicely. 


Then we went to dinner at mom’s with two generations of old and dear friends. The kind of friends who love you when you sound like a toad, whine instead of wine and leave early to go back to bed! We love them and hopefully they love us because Finn is plotting a visit to their home in DC next week;)

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