Oh yeah!!!

  • Today was the last day of school for a whole week. Spring break, I love you so! I love Easter dresses and candy and churches full of combed heads and grass that looks green. I love baby animals and avocados and soccer on the town green.  To kick off spring break we had a dance party. Then we ate dinner with the doors open and the fans blowing and MoMo laying on the cool tile panting. That my friends is just the way I like it!

I can worry about the lack of Easter food, eggs, baskets, outfits, shoes, etc. tomorrow. I have never been this unprepared for a holiday in my life. But that is OK. If worst comes to worst the bunny can leave loose change and samples from the dentist. He will still be better than the tooth fairy in that case. I set the standards really low in previous years thank goodness…..Besides, today Finn insisted on getting brown eggs. He threw them in the basket and said “boom! Those are already dyed brown!”  



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