Easter 2015

Today was lovely. Perfect weather, baskets, bunnies, gifts sent by Mamy and Papy from France, church and lunch and with my parents, chocolate and hope. So much hope. So much chocolate. I loved today. I love my people. I love heaven.  


6 thoughts on “Easter 2015”

  1. Love the Easter pictures and LieLie’s dress is so pretty on her. Please tell your parents I said “hi” and let them know that soccer is still going strong in St. Johns County! I remember all the time we spent getting Ancient City Soccer started-quite a legacy to leave for our young people! And, I see your dad’s bandage on his finger-hope it heals quickly! One day I’ll tell you the story of how I ran over Ernie’s thumb-not our best moment!! Looks like Spring has fully arrived! Enjoy!

    1. I will tell them Nancy! Oh my, I can’t even imagine how one runs over a thumb….:) Dad’s finger was crushed “like an egg” but is knitting back together as planned thus far. I hope you had a happy Easter. Xo

  2. Ok, you got me! The picture of Momo made me laugh out loud over my morning coffee. Love to all of you!

    1. He is a fine looking man! Hopefully he’s coming to france! I can get him there, just need to make sure I can get him home again. All the rules are written for exporting pets! Not vacationing pets!

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