still trying to surrender

I’ve been on very limited activity, ordering lots of GF pizza, letting the children watch TV until their brain melts and avoiding crowds since I got off of total bed rest. Even that has proven to be too much so back in bed I go. My latest bloodwork looked like a kindergarten math sheet, all + and no minus. I have a mild case of EVERYTHING and a roaring case of mono. That is NOT awesome. By tracking the mono levels in my blood the doctor has determined that at my current rate of recovery I will be 50% recovered in FOUR MORE WEEKS. It will be MONTHS before I can run a mile. This would all be fine and good if I were a Victorian Lady with a gaggle of servants and a convenient seaside hotel for a rest cure. Unfortunately, I’m a middle class mother with a job and not a single servant in sight. I could use this time to write a book or finally organize the hoarders paradise of a laundry room if I felt better. But I don’t. So here I lie, dreaming of the sea and thinking that the English class system might not be such a bad idea after all.

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