Important business 

My assistant Finn has joined me in the sick bay the last couple of days. In between naps we have decided to prepare ourselves for the new Avenger movie opening this weekend. So far we have watched Iron Man, Captain America, Agent Carter and Agents of Shield episodes, the first Avengers and a few cartoons. Keeping Finn’s tender age of 6 in mind, what other Marvel stuff should we watch? Thor? Hulk? Part two of things? 

As you can see, MoMo and I are watching with our eyes shut…..

PS we are accepting donations of pajama jeans, Snuggies, and other items “as seen on TV” for lounge lizards……..:) you can’t see it in the photo but Finn is wearing khakis. Clearly he has his father’s DNA despite inheriting  my rock star immune system. 

3 thoughts on “Important business ”

  1. Feel better so you two can enjoy your MARVELous movie date!! What size jammies/lounging pants does your boy giant wear?

  2. Haha, got it! I thought you meant he needed some since he’d outgrown everything but his khaki’s! 🙂

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