View from the pillows

Just in case you were wondering what bed rest was like at 7:23am on a Saturday, here is my view.  


So relaxing. Especially the really loud helicopter rescue and dog training part. 

7 thoughts on “View from the pillows”

  1. I probably shouldn’t tell you that we all slept until 10am today!?! I couldn’t believe the clock when Marin woke up and came in to wake us up – for a second I feared that we’d all contacted mono overnight! 😉

    1. Oh my! That is s dream Saturday!!! Poor Alex was already lined up on the town green with LieLie to race at 8am!! Lol about Finns pants btw. He clearly doesn’t get laying around!

  2. IKR, I was totally gonna buy that boy some comfy lounging pants – khakis are not lounge wear in my book! 😉

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