Money money money

$330 dollars, a drive to South Carolina between the hours of 9-3, which means both parents (both must appear) must take off of work and a whole lot of stress equals two new children’s passports. This is LieLie’s third and Finn’s second since they only last for five years. Alex’s is easier to renew and he has to fly to France or visit an embassy. However, this was still much cheaper, less time consuming and a fraction of the cost of Alex’s green card. These are major reasons that people cross borders illegally. $330 dollars and two days off of work is not doable for many, many people. We live in a digital age with finger print scanners on our phones. It is time for immigration and passport services to catch up, save a tree and quit emptying the pockets of of people trying to travel legally. 

Now it is 5:30pm and I’m going to bed. Goodnight friends. 

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