Little boy blue

  1. I’m really proud of this guy. He gets really, really nervous about his karate belt tests. Painfully nervous. It takes everything he’s got to walk thru the door. It hurts my heart to watch. He has a look on his face in that room that makes me want to call 911, turn into the Hulk, swaddle him like a baby and run away. Instead I sit on my hands and remind myself that doing hard things and fighting performance anxiety is good for him. Really good for him. Fear is a bully that makes showing up hard and showing up is what life is all about. He’s fighting his fears, he isn’t really about to be eaten by a shark and every time we go it takes a little less time to get from the car to the door. One day he’s going to breeze in and breeze out like a ninja but until then, fighting his fear is just as important as the new belt. So I present to you Finnian Henri Steenhuyse, blue belt, age 6.5!



6 thoughts on “Little boy blue”

  1. Congrats to your little man!!!! It is hard to watch our kids Simetimes- I think I get more nervous than Christopher when he is racing!!!

  2. Awesome job, brave Finn!!! 🙂
    Big sister looks like a teenager! Gorgeous and love those funky leggings!

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