Lordy me!

Poor old Momo had 14 rotten teeth pulled, several abscesses scraped out, a bone graft and a mouthful of stitches today. It was a long operation and the recovery won’t be pleasant. Two weeks of doggy milkshakes, antibiotics and morphine. We knew he had some dental issues but we had no idea how bad it was until he was exrayed and examined while unconscious today. I can’t even imagine how badly his mouth must have hurt. Poor little dog. He was a sugar lump before, imagine how sweet he will be when it doesn’t hurt to breath anymore. Say some prayers for a quick recovery. I guess it is a good thing after all that he is as fat as a tick! He was really unamused by my attempts to feed him a salmon shake tonight. So was everyone in the house who possesses a nose. For the record he is normally a fan of all fish. Every Ewok is I assume. 

In other news, little LieLie has to take her end of grade exams tomorrow and the next day. Here is the scene she built under her bunk bed before climbing in tonight. A three headed dragon is attacking the brave woman/knight in her very own cave home! She is fighting fire with fire tho! Meaningful imagery, I do believe!  Luckily, she will kick some poorly written, state mandated, common core based, nonsense test booty tomorrow! Just like she always does because she is a brave knight/woman and three headed dragons be damned. 

In other, other news, because in the end it is all about me, right?! I didn’t have a nap today. This is epic! Tho I did fall asleep in Finn’s bed for thirty minutes when I tucked him in at 6:45 and accidentally laid down under the covers. But that doesn’t count. I also wore pants with a real waist today and my spleen didn’t scream like 100 middle schoolers in a haunted house. The progress is real. Luckily I don’t have a picture of my pants/muffin top so I will end here. To all a good night. 

1 thought on “Lordy me!”

  1. Wishing Ewok MoMo a very speedy recovery – poor little guy – and wishing a speedy end to testing season for LL! Glad you’re on the mend and that you’re re-introduction to the land of the living is getting better each day! 🙂

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