Three day weekend

Quotes of the week:

I was making silly faces and leaping around trying to cheer Finn up after he  woke up grumpy. I said “I am a happy clown, here to make you breakfast!”

Finn said totally deadpan “I would rather be an orphan than to live with a clown”.

Honestly, I totally get that. I would be really freaked out by a clown in my house! What was I thinking!

After school, LieLie came home and said here is what I overheard in the hallway today, an 8th grader said “omg, I totally had a dream that I ate a microbe! It was soooo gross”
LiELie “I wanted to tell her she eats microbes all day long! But I didn’t want to sound mean”. 

So glad she doesn’t want to be a mean girl…..,,,

Two days of work have equaled three days of tired for me. So my schedule is still stunted. Yesterday was rest all day then take  these guys to the ballet to see their friends dance. (They were really really good!!!) then come home and sleep some more. 

   So the house is a mess, the yard is beyond repair and Alex can only do so much. This is getting really old! My Mono score is declining but it has a ways to go. It needs to be under 17 to get into the normal zone and it is still at 60. 

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