aloha ya’ll!

My 11 year old has her first ever school dance on Wednesday. It is during sixth period and you are suppose to dress for a Hawaiian luau. We are not exactly talking prom here! I have signed up to bring 200 Oreo cookies, because I’m sure they are the national snack of Hawaii and they are dairy free. Plus the other choices were chopped fruit with toothpicks and that’s just too hard. You know some of the moms are currently online learning to carve a watermelon into the bust of Don Hoe but I just can’t go there. Despite all of this, it is VERY exciting for the entire six grade and often discussed. Here is an example:

LieLie “I’m not sure why they call it a dance. Everyone is just going to lean on the gym walls looking ACKWARD!”

Male BFF “I’m actually PLANNING to do that.”

LieLie “I know.” 

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