things that make you go hmmmm

I got rid of cable almost three weeks ago and no one has noticed yet. That leads me to believe I should have done it ages ago! It also means I won’t know about major weather events in the future so call me if a hurricane is coming!

Today was a really good day. The kids planted onions and potatos in some freshly composted dirt. They were really proud that they made their own soil and gave zero credit to the bugs and worms. Then they took turns wearing goggles and swinging on the tire swing while the other one squirted them with a hose. One was wearing cut offs and the other one had on overalls so the whole scenario had a really nastalgic feel to it. In deference to the old time feel, I didn’t take a photo but just tried to burn the image on my brain. It was a wonder to feel joy and not just be in survival mode.

Summer is coming!

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