dark and quiet

I went to bed before 8 and I’m up before five. I guess this is what the end of Mono looks like? Or old age? Still too tired to stay awake at night but not able to stay asleep for 12 hours at a stretch. The upside is that it is dark and quiet and peaceful.  I’ve been laying here thinking about summer. In 11 days I will be home all day with my babies. That is a gift that I will not squander. In addition to fun and sun we need to get back on track. Teeth need to be flossed, flower beds need mulching and our hearts need to be opened up to a world where we aren’t late, in trouble, in a hurry, and already behind. This year I made a lot of mistakes, spread myself too thin and spent way to much time sick. Those things killed my joy and I want it back. I want my share and enough to spread around. I want equilibrium and harmony. So Valium it is! Just kidding! I just want summer and wellness and the rest will follow. 

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