Oh jet lag, you little minx

Finn woke up at 12:30 am because he is a MACHINE! He wakes up on time everyday and he needs food right away. So jet lag means nothing to him! Nothing I say! Even his Kindle confirmed it was the morning because it hasn’t changed time zones either. So here we are at 1am eating Camembert, red peppers, cantal, hummus and gluten free bread with some goat milk yogurt and cornichon. Apparently we are pregnant ladies disguised as midnight snackers. The kids both ate an entire cheese today and I polished off a jar of my favorite pickles. I’m sure Mamy and Papy must prepare for our arrival like farmers prepare for locust! 

They are such lovely grandparents. They accept our loud American voices, giant suitcases in their floor and locust style kitches behaviors with absolute grace. They also play a mean game of scrabble and make a fine ratatouille! 


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