My name is Jana and I’m 43. 

Sometimes I wonder why I’m so old when ten minutes ago my mom was 43. But somehow time happens in spurts and leaps and chunks. Once in a blue moon time takes on a slow, syrupy consistency, though, and time passes at a pace I can actually feel, like my hand trailing in cool water. Today was one of those days. 

Yesterday we rendezvoused with our American cousins in Paris! We went to the museum of war and Napoleon’s  tomb. Daniel was an impressive font of war trivia. Then to a play ground in some Roman ruins. The girls sat in front of walls much older than the new world telling secrets and putting on lipgloss until Finn invaded with a sword…. And then an Italian restaurant. Somehow Finn ordered giant shrimp with the heads on and declared his love for them. He kissed each one before skinning it like a hunter from ancient times. Thank goodness for LieLie who managed to help us order and clear up a few things with the waitress. My accent makes me really difficult to understand. But I’m trying!

         Then today we got off the train at Notre Dame and time slowed down. THE Archbishop was doing mass at Notre Dame. Choir boys were singing, bells were ringing and pipers were piping. It was beautiful chaos. Then we got on the boat bus and cruised around Paris. We got off at the very last stop and went all the up the Eiffel Tower. Lena bought skip the line tickets with summit access for my birthday. We hung around on the first floor for hours on the way down in a man made park. For reasons known only to small nerds, Ruby gave Finn several spelling test and played school for a while from an iron perch. There were swings and lollipops and coffees and cool breezes. Then more boat bus then home to my in-laws for birthday dinner and ice cream. It was a lovely birthday.



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