Southwestern France

The farm is in the Dordogne, on the border of Correze, in the village of La Feuillade, in the Limousine region. It is an area known for foie gras, ancient painted caves like Lascaux, and medieval towns like Sarlat (home of the Three Musketeers.) But I like it because the people are so kind and the air feels like “vacation air.” I know you know what I mean! There are fetes, picnics, tiny traveling cirques, concerts and all sorts of other “animations” every day in every direction. We tend to not venture far and stay pretty local most of the time and we still have to pick and choose between several activities a day. It is the middle of nowhere in that I don’t really have an address besides the road name and I’m not on Google Earth! But it is the middle of everywhere in terms of feeling welcome and at home. In the photos below the brown haired woman is my friend Evelyne and the girls are her daughter Clotilde and Clara. Their sweet daddy passed away this year and I was glad I was able to visit his grave and pay my respects. He is near our family crypt in the cemetery and I like to think Alex’s grandma is keeping an eye on him. The blond woman (not my sister Lena) is my friend Magen. An American expat who lives in Dordogne full time. Despite all of these friends, who really try to help us out, we are a hot mess in the countryside! Poor Lena, she had to witness the full effects of my faux  pas first hand! Below are some highlights from the last week. 

 Grotte De Rouffignac- we had a picnic in a cave and traveled 1k underground in the dark, dark, dark to see some cromagnon cave art. 

I threw a dinner party in our house (that no one lives in all year so there isn’t extra food laying around) on a Sunday. I totally spaced out on the everything is closed on Sunday thing and after a quest for food thru three towns had to give up and feed my guest CANNED GOODS and leftovers. Thankfully they brought dessert.  
Shopping in medieval towns, you know, like you do….


The village picnic where the American birthday cake (I brought the mix and icing from America since it doesn’t exist here) I brought turned out to be both half raw and swarming with ants when we unveiled it!!! OMG! Last year I shamed the family by bringing a mountain of kettle corn to share, this was far worse. 




 The big trip of the trip was to Rocamadour! LieLie wanted to go there to celebrate her birthday with her French friends and American cousins. The big draw was the Rocher Des Aigles. A bird of prey sanctuary teeming with vultures-  her most favorite animal. They let you sit on the ground and visit with a condor. Heaven on Earth for some people!! The day also included a visit with some endangered monkey’s being raised for reintroduction in North Africa. Cute, cute, cute! The town itself is amazing, steep, very old, famous for the Black Virgin Mary and full of little places to stop and pray. 

Now we’ve closed up the house until next year and kissed our southern friends goodbye. Sniff sniff. Headed back to Mamy and Papy in Paris, yeah! Put Lena, Daniel and Ruby on the plane to Miami until next time and crawled into bed for a two day nap. 


8 thoughts on “Southwestern France”

  1. Looks like you guys have had a beautiful summer! Next year I’m going to have to stow away in your luggage! ❤️

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