12 years old

My precious girl is 12 today. We followed her around Paris doing whatever she wanted all day. Somehow this managed to include lots of sidewalk cafe’s and a fetal pig in a jar….imagine that. 

Birthday lunch at Mamy and Papy’s house   
Jardin des Plants. As you can see I’m not the only one in this family with a mini-me.   
The old museum of natural history 

This is what Momo would look like if he lived in the age of dinosaurs

Cafe culture

Birthday dinner in our favorite Tunisian joint. It was LieLie’s choice (it always is) but Finn ate three bowls of root vegetables, primarily turnips and asked “why is this so good?!”


2 thoughts on “12 years old”

  1. A Mathieu (encore merci pour leur montrer que les choses pourraient être/sont différentes… et pas de problèmes, ce n’est effectivement qu’un début, continuons le…)

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