North Carolina


I always have this feeling that I don’t really live here. At home, the water is salty and there aren’t lots of forests.The elevation is zero where I live. I’m serious, I live at SEA level. I’m also a cat person, not a dog/cat person. So it is a bit shocking to me when I find myself adapting to being back home in America and doing all of these North Carolina things with a dog. You know, things like driving on hills, swimming in fresh water, mining for gems (and finding them!!) and what not. It is still weird to me after all these years. But the fact remains that we have been here, home, for a week now, getting our North Carolina on!

We found a box turtle named Sylvester Clint and took him to the herpetology lab at Davidson College to be tagged. There was a sign up at the ice cream store a while back that said to bring every turtle you find to college and we are nothing if not herpatology rule followers. But little did we know they would put a beeper from 1985 on the poor bastard.  

Daniel and Ruby flew in and our friend Julie is visiting. We all went exploring about an hour away and mined for gems in the river. We found some tiny emeralds and big moon stones and lots of adventures to have. Even the old dogs liked it. Momo loves the woods and Cash loves the water. I love DIAMONDS! But we didn’t find any so I’m still going to have to keep my day job. 

And there have been pool trips and lake dips and doctor visits and school supply shopping, lots of friends and all of the little things that make a life. 

Ps We are caring for Kara’s flock. Biscuit has a sister that looks just like she did!


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