Wings and things

We met my lovely, gentle, grounded and festive (it was her birthday today) college roommate at the Carolina Aviation Museum today. A rare treat since Wendy lives in Puerto Rico! I got to meet her fiancé (he totally passes all of my inspections!) and her niece and nephew. So funny to imagine her brother as a married dad since he was about 10 when we were in school! Also hard to imagine that Wendy and I aren’t 20 and about to eat some beans and rice and bike on over to psych 101. Instead, like all heart healthy adults we went to Cracker Barrel and ate collard greens containing ham fat and what not! 

The highlight of the museum was the miracle on the Hudson plane – it safely landed on water and didn’t crush NYC on the way down like Godzilla! We boarded the life raft and learned that only 2 out of 150 passengers put on their life vest. I have to admit that I never listen when they say it is under/over/beside my seat. I always figure my dad is right when he says if you are going down to “put your head between your knees and kiss your butt goodbye”.  Maybe next time I will read the greasy card that tells me about my safety options!

The fighter jet was wicked cool, too!


Twin lunches of dumplings and greens for the southern ladies!

  Very special birthday love to Wendy, young, handsome Sebastion Mull, the inspirational Janelle JohnsonGrove and the gorgeous and talented sock collector Hilary Knecht!! Clearly a great day to be born. 

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