This is what I’m working on

I’m also working on not worrying so much and remembering that this is it. Today is THE day to do whatever needs doing. Today is another chance to be the very best human I can be. 

In the past week I’ve had two flat tires, spent nearly two hundred dollars on ugly, required, school supplies, been to three doctors and two dentist and gotten annoyed and mad at people more than I usually do in a year. I still only have a few energetic hours in the day and then I’m toast. My Mono numbers are still really high and I’ve been referred to an infectious disease doctor. I don’t want to go! I want to wake up and sing like a cartoon maiden with some forest animals and frolic with glee thru a field. I don’t want to limp to the coffee pot, feeling a poorly disguised anger at the children who woke me up and praying to God that I make it thru this whole day. But guess what, this is it, this is my life and I need to buck up and LIVE it. I need to be nicer and kinder and gentler to my children. I need to stop dreading the day school starts and appreciate this day. It is like I’m anticipating missing my babies so much that I’m pushing them away now. That is just not cool. So here I am, publicly naming and claiming my newest faults and fails and trying to make a fresh start. With the help of a lot of coffee. 

Here are a few positive moments in the past few days, especially my nephew Daniel’s birthday. He is 12 now, too!


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