Water slides

We went to a little municipal water park near our house today. Two water slides, a lazy river and a pool. Me, mom, my sis and five kids. It was a gorgeous, perfect, hint of fall, Carolina blue sky day. I climbed up the water slide and Finn said “I’m going first so I can see how happy you look when you come out of the slide.” And there he was at the bottom. He was waving and cheering and proud. Just like I would be watching him and I was so happy, so very very happy. 

 In other news, my garlic is bigger than your garlic. 
My dad and Daniel are at the reenactment of Gettysburg. Daniel had a real tin type photo made. Love this! They are having the time of their life!


One thought on “Water slides

  1. What fun for everyone! You guys are the best family ever. Daniel must be beside himself to be at Gettysburg with his Grandpa. Now that’s a memory that will last!

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