NC bound

The very last day of summer is upon us. We are heading home to Daddy, Momo and Appie. We are also heading home to bedtimes and lunch boxes and homework. Some of what awaits us is delightful and some of it is not. Packing lunches does not delight me at all in fact. 

This summer the kids had to practice adapability and be brave enough to try new things. They survived stints without microwaves, AC, TV and wifi. They have eaten canned goods and gone to bed dirty. They have washed their clothes in a sink and eaten whatever they could find in the car for lunch. They can sleep four to a bed and wear other people’s shoes when required. Small victories, I know, but compared to their normal, charmed life these things were good for them. Adaptability is not always easy for my babies but they did a great job this summer. 

The free wheeling is over now! We are heading back to chores, schoolwork, sports and alarm clocks. There will be no grandmothers with four flavors of ice cream serving dinner and no mother willing to call a can of peanuts lunch! This sh&@ is about to get real! But in many ways that will be a relief for my crew. They like routines and set expectations and bedtime. They feel safe with lots of rules and stable dynamics. They like normal much more than I do. So welcome back normal. I will embrace you despite my nature just like I expected my kids to adapt to the chaos of summer. We will roll with it just like we always do after a few bumps in the road…..bumps like school starts in 14 hours and we are stuck in traffic in another state…..

Scenes from the last day of summer. The little beauties are my cousin Andrea’s kids. 

In other news, you might be a redneck if you eat lunch next to some turtles riding a gator and you are driving around with this guy—


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