Bumps in the road

The first couple of days of 7th grade have been rough. Big girl is trying to keep her chin up but the chin has been quivering:( I know loathing junior high is all sorts of normal but it is still hard to watch. She’s a resilient little rascal so she will figure it out. But Lord give me the strength to land my helicopter and let her do it herself. 

This guy has been dreading his first day of second grade next week like the plague! He’s nervous about his new school (that is an outrageous understatement). He has been loudly protesting the horrors of riding the bus and eating in a noisy cafeteria! His old school didn’t have either of those things so they seem new and scary. But tonight we toured the school and he was positively enthralled by the orderly rows of desk, cafeteria tables with attached seats and technology in the classroom!!!! Clean and shiny and new and spacious. So different from the forest and chickens of his previous school. He left excited and happy and ready for worksheets and coding class! But best of all, everyone can have free breakfast. He  said it was his dream to have free breakfast on a plastic tray. So there you go. My problems are solved. I told him that you can only eat the breakfast if you ride the bus! 

 Toy mural at his new school


  One of the toys is this ?! Anyone remember the name? I LOVED those!!

Sidenote: Finn whispered to me that he was going to get married. I asked him who he planned to marry and he said “how should I know? I’m just a child.” So then I asked him why it was a whispered secret and he said “it is really embarrassing to plan that far ahead when so many things could go wrong, like I might get buck teeth.”  I assured him he could get braces before the wedding. I’ve totally got his back. 

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