Day off

I’m taking a mental health day. I went to bed early last night and just decided to not get up today. Alex is working from home, only LieLie has school and she’s autonomous, Momo is happy to wallow with Finn in my bed and I have no place to be. 

I have no place to be. 

That sounds so nice I have to say it twice! Finn and I start school next week. But for today, let the laundry overflow, the cereal be eaten, the prayers be said, the life be reflected upon and the movies be watched! 

Baby has some new bling but no shirt…. I’m still in my pajamas!

Saw these things in Facebook today. The first is where I live and clearly shows why it takes a long time to get from point A to point B. The second picture is why I may not livešŸ˜³ (For the record, my kids are vaccinated but on a slow schedule, no combo shots. )


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