Feeling so thankful!

We met Finn’s teacher tonight and just loved her. He was putting on the charm and told her he liked her outfit and organizational skills! He also has two friends in his class. Such a huge relief. Answer to a prayer! I have been sweating this. I knew if he had a mean, 

crotchety teacher after his last two amazing and loving teachers at his old school things were going to be really difficult around here. He really liked her and the guidance counselor and Mr. G the lunch man. Finn asked Mr G if he had any gluten free options and the man whiped out a list of things he can have and the days they are served. Sadly the list didn’t include bacon and eggs butMr


G said he would put in a special request. I feel so happy!!
In other news, I smashed my phone and filed an insurance claim for a replacement. I had to check off that I wasn’t a robot. I guess only non-robots can use phone insurance. 


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