So this happened

Finn loved school today. No tears, no hanging on to me for dear life, no begging to be homeschooled… I’ve been dropping kids off at some school or another for ten years and this is the very first time that has ever happened. This is the very first time I’ve walked away without feeling like I’ve failed in some deep meaningful way to prepare my children to cope or like I want to run in, grab them and run away. Don’t get me wrong, I still cried. I still met my friends for breakfast and dissected the merits of going to school verses running away to a school/institution-less land, but I didn’t feel mule-kick traumatized like I usually do. I’ll take it. A sore heart for me grows larger minds for them. They will need them when they inherit this crazy Earth. 

Finn’s friend Kendall showed him the ropes today.    

The walking carpool now stops at two schools but doesn’t pass the new Dunking Doughnuts😔


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