Finn said he loved riding the bus, up high, no seatbelt, surrounded by older girls to admire…..a little slice of heaven. But he also said the bus driver was “meaner than a snake” so I guess some things never change! One or two of you reading this might remember Ms. Peaches who drove us off the island to middle school. She made snakes seem sweet. 

Finn also says he has 8 new friends, one of whom is quite “sporty and popular”. I asked him what qualified as sporty and popular and Finn said “he can flip his hair like this (total fashion model hair flip demo) and not look completely stupid doing it so I figure he must be very attracting to people.” I guess that does work for boy bands…. I asked Finn if he was “attracting to people” and he said maybe but mostly kids ask him if it is school picture day because of his clothes. Bless it!

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