Out of the mouth of babes

While setting the table this conversation occurred:

LieLie “I have to write a memoir for school. I can’t decide if it should be about the American Cemetary in Normandy or getting my black belt. It has to be a life changing event.”

Finn, totally deadpan, “Then you should write about puberty.”

So glad to have a successful first week of school complete! I was sweating it but honestly I don’t think he’s ever been happier. He’s a very square peg in a very square hole now. He has a behavior chart at school and sits silently doing worksheets.  It goes against every best practice in education I’ve ever believed in and he LOVES it. Go figure!

I didn’t know I could post videos!!!!! That was an accident but such a happy one!!! 

In other news the label maker war rages on!

Dear my 4 loyal readers,

I feel an avalanche of videos about to come your way…..so let me know if you can’t watch the one above. 

Jana (with 32 gigs of iPhone videos in my hand)

8 thoughts on “Out of the mouth of babes”

  1. Video works and I think I watched Finn’s excited “FOUR!” pogo stick jumps at least four times! 😍 Bring on more videos!

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