This day started with no coffee. We ran out of coffee and didn’t notice. There is no excuse for that sort of nonsense! LieLie was telling me an awesome theory about how in a perfect world you could be both dead (a ghost) and handicapped (peg leg) and still be a cheerleader but I was struggling to keep up. 

 So I tell the children to suit up, we are riding to the brand new Dunkin Doughnuts down the road. They want to ride scooters but I can’t scooter with two pounds of coffee and a piping hot extra large cup of brew so I say no, bikes. They start to ARGUE with me, when I repeat, I have not had any coffee. Who gets bratty about biking to Dunkin Doughnuts?! I almost went berserk.  But we rallied and the ride was quite pleasant because it wasn’t a blazing inferno outside. When we arrive, Finn falls madly in love with a blue cup. He is literally Romeo and the cup is Juliet. “Mommy, it is the perfect size, it is BPA free, it is made in America, none of our cups are made in America except for maybe one that says Italia on the bottom, I have enough allowance, my water will always be free!!!!!” So we get the cup, a bemused employee agrees to wash it and fill it with water and Finn is delighted. He can’t stop talking about it, I’m drinking coffee as fast as I can to survive and he says “it doesn’t even leak” and holds it upside down over me. It leaks, it pours in fact, so now I’m drenched. So LieLie is semi horrified and totally amused and says “Finn you are a mess and somehow you have an entire hash brown stuck on top of your shoe!” Did I mention he was wearing shiny gold pants and knee socks and riding a pink bike? Obviously we saw everyone we know. Mom if you are reading this, remind me to bring Finn’s bike home!

When we got home I put Finn to work digging potatoes and washing the bikes so I could dry out and drink my coffee in peace. When I went out to check on him he yelled “watch my new technique” and proceeded to spray the tire swing so that it would spin around flinging water like a sprinkler RIGHT ON ME! At this point a needed a shower and a change of clothes. 

Next up we went to our friend Jonathan’s Eagle Scout Ceremony. It was quite moving and Jonathan has always been an excellent role model for my kids. Hats off to him and his parents!

Afterwards, his parents had Moe’s deliver a taco bar. Finn loves Moe’s like he loves his new cup (which he brought with him). So somehow he talked his way into bringing home all of the leftover Moe’s cups from the party. Very safely.  

Then we went to Ace Hardware (bricomarche) to buy a toilet brush because we lost ours. I’m not sure how that happened but we probably needed a new one anyway. Ace literally sells everything from shin guards and candy cigarettes to porcelain dolls dressed like cats. If you look behind LieLie’s head there is a bowl of turtles. Finn is singing into a shower head. He probably need it to fill all of his cups.

The highlight was the list of bait  LieLie spotted printed on the side of a trap. You don’t often see sardines and marshmellows in the same sentence. 

Last but not least in the long list of shenanigans that is my life, Appie cat is off the nebulizer thanks to the amazing aerocat!! So quiet and portable. He loves it. 


5 thoughts on “Cups”

  1. I got exhausted just reading about your day LOL!! Was Finn giving the cat in his shirt a drink of water from his new cup in that one picture?!! LOL!! Love it!!!!!

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