Last first day of school 2015

Today is my official first day of the fall semester. I’ve been teaching year round for the University of Phoenix for 11 years now. Since first day outfits/photos/acknowledgments are important to me I have put my Faculty (ten years of service) tie tack on my FSU t-shirt. To complete my ensemble I’m wearing yoga pants with cat fur and an unfortunate hole I discovered AFTER I walked the kids to the bus….

Later today I will be wearing a brand new shirt that says Coach!!! I’m the newly minted assistant soccer coach for Finn’s team.  I know you are laughing. I can hear you in my mind! 

Hear me roar people, hear me roar! Actually, I’m being really quiet so I don’t wake up MoMo….

I wish it were still Sunday and the kids were here. No one is driving me insane or cracking me up. It is soooo quiet. 

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