Spoken in my heart

I have been saying how much Finn likes his new school and riding the bus for nearly two weeks. I’ve been writing about it on here and chatting about it with friends but a little piece of me was still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Waiting for the bloom to fall off of the rose if you will. But today I ran into a friend from Finn’s old school and I was telling her about how happy he is and I found myself saying something like ‘I was wrong about what he needed before’ from my HEART. It was like the last brick in the wall clinked into place. 

I was wrong before and now I’m getting it right. The bloom isn’t going to fall, it is going to flourish.  Don’t get me wrong, Finn LOVED his k-1 teachers with all of his heart. In fact, he would happily let either one of them mother him permanently if I met with an untimely death. But school felt like home instead of school. He wants bells and whistles that start and end things precisely on time. He wants to know if he is well behaved, academically on par and on schedule. Now he knows those things all day long. He also knows how he compares to others and (because the shames and accolades are all equally public) he knows if he’s a high achiever. He wants to achieve and discover his new abilities. He needs order and regulations to feel safe and focused and useful. He needs lots of rules and lots of work to do. 

Guess what? Finn is not me. Finn is definitely not LieLie. He’s a lot like my momma and his daddy but really   Finn is just Finn and look out world he has found his niche. 

In other news I saw graffiti in our super clean town today!!!! The horror! It says Smitty which makes me laugh. 


1 thought on “Spoken in my heart”

  1. Jana,
    Kudos to you for not only recognizing what is right for Finn but doing it and putting him where he needs to be! What a great mom to step outside your wants and needs. Your kids are very fortunate…

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