Three day weekend

Well, we have to go back to school tomorrow, like it or not. The long weekend made me remember how awesome summer is compared to “not summer.” Poor Finn has a three day long standardized test starting tomorrow. I’m horrified that we give high stakes tests to six year olds. Finn, on the other hand is totally excited and hopes it is really hard! Go Finn!! I hope you rock it little man. 

LieLie is having vestibular reintegration done tomorrow for her vertigo. That is fancy talk for getting tilted around a bit. She is also really excited because she loves the physical therapist and can’t wait to see her. Somehow we haven’t had any reason to go to PT for 11 months. The therapist is going to be shocked at how LieLie has changed in a year. 

So here are a few pictures from the lazy weekend. The first one is of my dad using himself as an anchor. It worked quite well actually. 

We attempted a photo shoot of the new haircuts but shenanigans occurred instead…..  Imagine  that….

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