Road Tripping!

What a pleasure to drive about with civilized children (and  Alex driving!) They roll their own bags and fill their own Dunkin Donuts mugs and I don’t have to worry that they will boil themselves alive in the hotel shower.   I know these are the salad days. They are big enough to manage themselves but small enough to still love going on vacation with me. I was thinking such thoughts at breakfast and said “this is going to be a great trip. I feel better than I’ve felt in months and you guys are being so good! Do I seem more like myself?”

LieLie replied in a smokey, old rodeo clown with a hangover voice “if ‘like yourself’ you mean getting off task and talking too loud then yeah.”

It is a good thing she’s cute….

Their differences are reflected in their breakfast choices. Also note Finn’s cup on the far right. He’s capable of spilling water along the entire eastern seaboard. 

LieLie discovered the hotel room is a perfect place to practice a standing box jump. 

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