Yesterday we went BIG! We could have been the family in a brochure entitled “Visit the Birkshires – something for everyone!” We started the day at an apple festival in a town that is literally and figuratively straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Finn had a taco in a bag. It was a new concept for me but apparently I don’t get out much because everyone else seemed to think this revolutionary and brilliant idea was as normal as a taco not in a bag. The  fire department was the highlight of the day. As we were trying out the trucks, a real call came in and things were loud and fast and thrilling for all. 

We saw real Tiffany stainedglass, with chunky stones inlaid throughout, in the church. The old gent who invited us in was explaining the restoration process and Finn was concerned that working with lead was dangerous. Ye Olde Gent replied “only if you eat it and if you eat it you are too dumb to live.”  Yankee Episcapalians  aren’t messing around! 

Then we heading back to our bed a breakfast (Finn can’t believe all the free breakfast!) to visit the Indonnesian Country Fair next door. It was lovely until I poured and entire coffee into my lap. The worst part was that I really needed that coffee to survive all of the festiveness. 

Then we had a big nap and ironed our clothes. I managed to drop the iron face down onto a bath mat that melted onto the iron like it was its job. It took me so long to clean it up that Finn almost had to attend the wedding looking like Rumpled Stilskin. But we made it to the main event on time. It was so very lovely. Chris and Julie are a really good match and it was all just gorgeous. I’m so very happy for them. 

The kids even managed to go apple picking on the mansion grounds. They were passing out apples like waiters with champagne at the reception. 

My new shoes were great fun even tho I could barely walk. 


4 thoughts on “Saturday”

  1. Looks like an amazing time! I saw those tacos in a bag at the Nebraska State Fair and couldn’t believe my Frenchified eyes! I love that chicken bag! Almost as much as I love all of you… Julie, and Heidi, look beautiful!

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