Poor LieLie was wiped out completely by a 24 stomach flu so Alex stayed home to care for her. Finn and I boated off to see Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. It was a really amazing day. Liberty Island had an audio tour just for kids. The narrator was a “majestic peregrine falcon that lives in Liberty’s torch” according to Finn. He listened to every word, right through lunch and around the entire island. Periodically I would hear these horrifying falcon screeches coming from it and he would just smile and push the next button. Whoever thought of that crazy falcon was a genius. That audio tour was pure gold! I wrote some letters and drank some limonade and minded my own business for a change! I must say that my selfie game needs some work, however. I’m not even in most of them!

Ellis Island hit Finn like a punch in the gut. Tales of people leaving home forever, dying at sea, being sent back alone, children without a word of English alone in the hospital and millions of people welcomed in America regardless of creed and color washed over him like waves. He wept for the sad and for the saved alike. I think he grew up more on Ellis then he will on his birthday tomorrow. Bless him and this little girl, too. 

Drinking ginger ale for dinner and not complaining at all. 

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