Weekend update

It rained all day on Saturday but we played soccer anyway. Afterwards we ate Mexican food and played some video games on our new hand me down Xbox. Thanks Ed Scott! That’s a lie really since I can’t play a video game to save my life. But everyone else enjoyed it, including the dogs. They simply adore the couch potato life style. 

I baked a pumpkin cornbread and LieLie had the brilliant idea to hide la feve in it! It isn’t king cake season but it ‘put the fun in cornbread’ on a rainy day! I don’t know what the little dolls are called in English but they are usually a plastic baby in America. In France they are porcelain and can be anything. Finn found it and was king for the day. Sadly, it didn’t mean he got to skip his chores. Even royals scrub the tubs around these parts!

Last but not least, I tried to take a picture of my head in the middle of a breast cancer ribbon for my friend who lost her old boobs and gained new, better ones last week. But sadly, I’m a Pinterest fail as usual! Just know I’m thinking of you! 


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