I was driving to Parkour class tonight and the car smelled funky. Because there were a couple of seventh graders in the van I said “smells like middle school in here.” LieLie said “no it doesn’t. Middle school smells like sweat and desperation.”  Then they laughed like middle schoolers. 

Middle school laughter always borders on hysteria. It is a release and a shared experience and it matters more than most laughter does. I can still remember laughing like a hyena for hours with Noelle Rosenfeld over nothing at all and that was everything at the time. 

Then I arrived at Parkour and ran into my bestie in the parking lot. We realized both of our sweaters were sporting an embarrassing amount of animal hair. She threw her shoulders back and stood up straight and started marching in saying “come on girl, we are wearing CASHMERE!” Then we were laughing like middle schoolers and it was still about nothing and everything all at once. 

So who wants to make me a leather head cover with furry ears? Kara? Mom? Momo woke up ready even tho Finn thinks he needs Ewok lipstick. 
 In unrelated news, these things made me laugh, while I was alone, and therefore crazy looking. I end up in that boat every day and sadly I never loose my shoes. Darn it!


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