Facebook memories have me crying into my coffee AGAIN. I am really good at appreciating today. I’m terrible at remembering the past. It heightens my awareness that today will be gone just as quickly. Say the words “do you remember when LieLie was a baby…..” And watch me weep, weep and watch me nay nay. 

So before I share my Facebook imposed memories I will share my seven am memory from today. Finn wanted to watch the rest of the Empire Strikes Back because he fell asleep in the middle of it last night. I got him tucked in on the couch and advised him to listen carefully to Yoda because he talks about how we have to believe that we can do things. Finn says “that will help me improve my Reiki practice and improve my mental self control.” Ummm yes, or believe you can tie your own shoes and put away your own laundry….either one. 


2 thoughts on “Stop.It.”

  1. I’ve never ever had Facebook memories appear in my feed – I figured it was an app people had to make it do that!?! Btw, is it a coincidence that you had 9 notifications in each of the pics or is 9 hour lucky number?!?

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