Today in school fashion we have an eagle in a purse, pumpkin pi, Einstein and Godzilla. Ready for anything!

Last night we finished up the soccer season. Pictured with us are our dear friends Coach Yohan and his son Eric. You couldn’t ask for a kinder man to make soccer players out of a herd of cats. 

The leaves are really dropping. Old Momo is going to need some stilts!


4 thoughts on “October”

    1. The shirt is from Zulily last year. He wears it year round all the time since it reps his love of math and his favorite food! Mom got the socks for LieLie in a gift shop in Florida. I love them both!

      1. It was a total clown car accident of a game last night due to rain and missing people. It turned into mayhem on the field. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Gimmie said the only other thing that could have happened that didn’t was a wild dog running away with the ball.

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