November 1

Today is a day of fresh starts and new awakenings. Kind of. The time changed and I’m trying really hard to put a positive spin on something that makes me want to go all Scarlett O’hara on the government! I feel like wearing the drapes and yelling at the fields that ‘I will nevah go to bed early again!’ Time changing does not work well in my experience. By not working well I mean it is like a clown car wrecking into the Globetrotters tour bus on Fat Tuesday. Daylight savings time, full moon and Halloween in the same week is the perfect storm. The water is rising, winter is coming, Finn was up at 5 am watching a documentary about misfit animals. The struggle is real. He was standing by my bed this morning in the pitch dark asking Siri to show me images of a Quetzalcoatl since I was missing the documentary. Because I was SLEEPING. 

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