I’m depressed

It is time to drag the light box out of the attic and face up to the fact that this is not going to be the winter that I’ve finally outgrown my Seasonal Affective Disorder. They call that ugly mess SAD for a reason. I feel saaaaaddddddd despite being quite cheerful in general. 

 It is constantly raining around these parts. Yesterday I played “teenager at the beach” all day because of the two foot wave and wake I spewed from my Volvo everywhere I went.  I liked it, truth be told. I wish I could have driven past a bus stop of fancy people and sprayed them! Just kidding. But really, my neck of the woods is submerged and so gloomy! Daylight savings time is just a cherry on top of the dark days cake. 

Actually, the real cherry is Finn’s latest allergy test. He tested positive for an allergy to milk and eggs. Add that to the gluten, cherries, food coloring, etc. already missing from his diet and you have a party. A salad party! It has made packing lunch an exercise in futility. I am weeping over the loss of egg salad since it was one of his main food groups. He ate that or cream cheese on GF raisin bread almost everyday at school and he can’t have that either now. Poor Alex was at a loss this morning since grits and eggs were out. So he tried to whip up a super fun time State Fair Breakfast of his own design. He served up some egg free, gluten free, dairy free “funnel cake” and a can of chili with Fritos. At 7 am. I can’t even make fun of him since that was a move straight from the Jana J tool box. This really stinks. I can function without dairy but eggs were apparently holding it all together, literally. First world problems but still problems. 
Then there is the feeling that my radar for evil is broken and that scares me to death. My oncologist, a man I really liked and trusted with my very life, was arrested on child pornography charges. He also had a son named Finn, just one year younger than mine. You know when you see people on TV claiming they just can’t believe that their nice neighbor had heads in his freezer and you think “really?!” Well that is me. I. Had. No. Idea. And that is the worst part. It makes me think everyone could be evil and I want to lock the kids in the house FOREVER.   I have a new oncologist and the old one is going to jail for a very long time. Hopefully, the children involved have been found and are safe now thanks to the good work of the law enforcement agents involved in the sting.  Anyone who can get up everyday and fight sex crimes against children has my prayers and my heartfelt gratitude. That has to be the toughest job in the world. 

So despite all of that whining, I’m truly thankful that rain makes plants grow, a new diet will make my baby healthier, I have a husband who cooks breakfast when he’s home, and there are law enforcers brave enough to chase evil instead of running from it. The world is a wonderful place, even in the gloom. 


4 thoughts on “I’m depressed”

  1. Food allergies suck and evil people suck even more!!! Receiving all that info in rainy, gloomy weather would make anyone sad/SAD. You always shine bright, with or without a light box, and I hope your light box is up to the challenge of shooting sparkly rainbow beams throughout your house as a bonus! Love you!🌟 🌈🌟

  2. OMG!!!!! It’s true that evil is everywhere even in people that we least expect it… That’s enough to make anyone sad.

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