Florida, my natural habitat

So this happened today. When I was a kid the gators were bigger and the snakes were smaller. I’m not kidding. The gators were endangered and therefore protected so they grew fat and happy in my back yard. Now you can eat gator for breakfast if you are so inclined. The plethora of nonindigenous snakes unleashed on South Florida by Hurricane Andrew and irresponsible pet owners hadn’t happened yet. Nature was maintaining the indigenous snake population on her own. Now I guess it is up to the little pre-dinner gators to even the score. (French readers, the Gators are a terrible American football team.) I never thought I would say it but Go gators!  Eat the giant snakes!! 


2 thoughts on “Florida, my natural habitat”

  1. Just saw your post about the pythons-my husband has been directly involved with reptiles for about ten years. He actually went down to the Everglades with Shawn Heflick (the Python Hunter on Nat Geo). The numbers put out by FWC about the number of pythons are highly suspect and most likely over-inflated. While invasive species are generally regarded as undesirable the Everglades is a huge expanse of land and can accommodate a variety of species. In fact one positive outcome possibly related to the presence of the pythons is the resurgance of an endangered turtle species as a result of the pythons preying on rats and other vermin which would otherwise eat the turtle eggs. Many in the know feel that the python scare is mostly a diversion proffered by the FWC at the behest of their Republican/anti-environmental masters. (The same folks that brought us the bear hunt travesty) The real threat to the Everglades is and has been “big sugar” and unbridled development. Just wanted to share an alternate view with you. What is obvious to me is that the inmates are running the asylum at FWC!

    1. Great info, Nancy!! Thanks! I love to find out the real truth. I know my sister in Miami has had lots of trouble from poisonous frogs that are prolific in her yard. Her dog nearly died from a run in with one. Big sugar is the pits. Can you imagine how much money they must spend getting away with what they do. Ugh.

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