Come to mama sun rays!

* this is from last week but chose today to show up ?! The sun has stayed out but it is cold and muddy. 

Look closely behind Javalina Leaf Head and you will see the SUN!!!!!!!! I’m planning to fashion a Barbarella style fur bikini and lay out so you probably don’t want to stop by today. 

Finn zipped that leaf into the zipper pocket on my jacket and said “don’t throw that away. He has to watch his babies.”  Oh dear. Who puts things in someone else’s coat when it is hanging up in the closet?! I was afraid to look but here are the contents of my pocket:

I love those babies! I zipped them right back up so they can crumble and decay in North Face peace. 

Thank you for this sunny day, babies, coffee and people who like cheering. Amen!!!! Amen!!!!

***Apparently I have accidentally reduced the classic three cheers to two cheers in my crowded brain. There is no reason for it whatsoever 

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