Four years ago

Exactly four years ago today we were visiting Alex’s Aunt and Uncle in Bayonne, France. You can see Spain on the horizon behind Finn in the photo. They are lovely people with a perfect apartment and an art studio that is nicer than my house. LieLie was a delightful house guest and happy to try the regional cuisine and experience new things. Finn, however, was a travel weary three year old with a gleeful desire to cause mayhem. He refused to eat anything except for whip cream, Camembert and ice cream. He ran into the ocean during dinner one night at a sea side cafe’ and tried to swim away. To Spain. His winter coat did not act as a flotation device.  I didn’t have any spare clothes on me except (inexplicably) his basketball uniform shorts. He couldn’t sit around freezing in a sodden, sandy sweater so he was forced to wear giant, shiny shorts for the rest of the meal and the drive home. He looked like a miniature boxer and decidedly unFrench. On the way home he opened the car door while we were careening thru a round-about and leaned his naked torso out yelling like a highlander as far as his seatbelt allowed. This nearly caused a cardio event for all of the adults present. Then when we got home he managed to pull the curtains down from above the picture windows while trying to swing like Tarzan. I think the all sugar and cheese diet was really good for him…..


1 thought on “Four years ago”

  1. How is it that you have the most amazing stories!! I love your outlook on life and am so grateful you are my friend!! You are wonderful!!

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