Goodbye lovely break!

The five day weekend, like other totally awesome things including my teenage waistline, low airfares to Europe and the Black Rhino, has come to an end.  Good things have happened in these five days. 

We went roller skating. Though we told our friends to meet us in the wrong town (who knew there were two rinks with the same name!) and got there an hour before it opened, it was amazing. I feel as free as a bird on skates. I wonder if it is too late for me to join the roller derby? 

Since the lunch options at the skating rink were a bit limited we picked up some sushi on the way home. Gentle readers, please don’t tell my husband that you saw the kids eating fish in his car on the internet. Finn, who never gets to drive through anywhere said “this is going to be awesome. We are going to be like police men eating donuts in their cars.” To which his sister replied “you shouldn’t stereotype, Finn.” And then her friend said “we learn a lot of lies like that from watching cartoons.” Then Finn bellowed like he was at the crescendo of a classic movie “why must the TV teach us such lies!!!!” At this point people were staring but luckily we had reached the car. 

Today we got our Christmas tree. Once again, please don’t tell Alex we put an entire tree inside of his Volvo…..he probably should take his keys when he travels honestly. Lielie and I managed to get it upright in the tree stand and the lights on it but that is it so far. The garbage bag underneath it protecting the floors looks like snow right? Just kidding. That will be covered up by the skirt before long.  Front and back seat

Finn got the tree up in his home office today, too. 


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