The Joy of Christmas Break

Tomorrow life changes big time at my house. After 11 years of teaching online, I’m going back into the classroom full time.  My completely flexible schedule has been such a blessing while my people were little but it is lonely with the kids at school. I need some real people and some real pants in my life. So goodbye yoga pants and hello crack of dawn tomorrow. Wish me luck. 

Goodbye Christmas break. You were a beauty!!!

Florida!!!!! Lots of relatives, home in St. Augustine for a brief time and an awesome camp out!


And in Georgia there was lots of hunting with a toy gun and modeling Grandma’s formal wear! LieLie is so proud that she is finally taller than Grandma!

And then home for the Nutcracker and Christmas and lazy days with friends and family. And Star Wars!!


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Christmas Break”

  1. Best of luck to you!!! You’ll be awesome and any class/school will be lucky to have you! What grade will you be teaching?

    1. Juniors and seniors, AP and IB psychology. I can’t wait! The waking up part is going to kill me for a while tho! I have to be in my classroom 20 minutes away at 6:45. I’m usually asleep until 7. So tomorrow is going to hurt….

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