Proof of life

We all survived my first week back in the classroom! I’m exhausted. Especially because Gimmie tried to give me a heart attack by going all afib and having to spend the night in the hospital! Luckily the same poison plants that have been treating heart palpitations since the witches brewing them into teas were burning on stakes worked a treat on her so she’s home not resting and doing whatever she pleases now. She’s a terrible patient so I guess that is a good thing. She feels good enough to ignore the rules! I on the other hand coached Finn’s basked ball game, went to the pharmacy, did two loads of laundry and that is it today. The rest of the day I slept and watched TV like I had nothing to do which is not true at all. It is cold and raining and I’m worn out from my awesome new job. But there is always tomorrow!


1 thought on “Proof of life”

  1. Get well/stay well wishes to Gimmie and glad the household survived your first week back in the classroom!!!
    Miss and love you all!

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