Aha moment

So it turned out that going back into the classroom was like going home. Give me 30 rowdy teenagers and I know just what to do. It is like duck diving under a wave. I feel it. I know when to go deeper and when to surface. I’m comfortable in those churning waters. There are so few places in the world where you know exactly what to do. It’s quite remarkable to walk back into one after years and years and just sort of carry on, as if you just stepped out for a taco, rather than 12 years of Online teaching and child rearing. But other aspects of school haven’t really changed. It is a poorly funded, overcrowded, disorganized place that needs things like desks and chairs. Since I lacked the latter and had no place to be during my planning time I took over an empty corner or the H  hall copy room and scrounged up a table and chair. I put a little sign on it that said “this is Jana’s desk” and set up shop. This arrangement lacked drawers and privacy (student records, etc) so I asked around about getting a filing cabinet. Everyone laughed at me but they told me what the procedure was. So I filled out the requisition form and I asked for a locking filing cabinet, a stapler, and a unicorn to be delivered to the “H hall copy room Jana’s desk” since after a week no one had evicted me. Well, believe it or not, a brand new, with keys, filing cabinet AND a stapler was delivered to my copy room!!! And in retaliation for my sarcastic unicorn order and my lame sign identifying my table as a desk, the dean took my post it notes and labeled all of my things as a prank. So I think I’m really going to like it there.  

Since then some of the other teachers scrounged me up a desk and delivered it to the copy room. 

My family is making do just as well at home. I beat the kids home so I don’t think they really even notice except in the mornings. Dinner has always been lame and the house has always been messy so the standards have stayed the same with my new job for better or for worse!

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